Frequently asked questions

No, Pepeuf is not recycled paper. It is a natural paper without wood fiber.

We plan to have the Pepeuf on the market by September 2024. We will offer it in all stationery stores, bookstores and in some newsstands.

The fight against global warming is our priority. The deforestation caused by the paper industry must not be neglected, especially since paper manufacturing has other consequences on the environment. That’s why we thought of and designed Pepeuf, an efficient and ecological alternative paper.

Yes, Pepeuf is similar to traditional paper. There are different weights of Pepeuf, different textures of Pepeuf and different uses of Pepeuf. With Pepeuf, you can write, draw, paint, throw confetti and even wipe your table!

Pepeuf is committed to offering its customers a Pepeuf on average cheaper than traditional paper. There is not yet a price list for Pepeuf products. Do not hesitate to follow us on social networks to be informed of our latest news.

The composition of Pepeuf will only be revealed at the time of its commercialization. Pepeuf guarantees an ecological and ecoresponsible paper.

Pepeuf is currently looking for a chemist. Please send us your CV by email if you are interested: